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Music Production in Ableton Short Course

This highly practical short-course has students examining the fundamentals of music composition within the context of DAW Ableton LIVE.

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Full fee: $1,850

  • Fees include equipment and software required for the course.
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Monthly intake dates available.

Duration of the short course is a maximum of 6 months, however students can complete the course sooner.

There are NO pre-requisites for this short course.

Nationally recognised accredited training

All short courses are units of competency that have come directly from one of our full qualifications.



This highly practical short-course has students examining the fundamentals of music composition within the context of DAW Ableton LIVE. An overview of the topics and information covered includes the following —

  • Key setup principles of Ableton LIVE
  • Session versus arrangement views
  • Composing with Ableton’s MIDI instruments and software tracks
  • Working with digital audio files incl. drag and drop, looping and warp functionality 
  • Loop based composing principles such as repetition, variation and contrast
  • Remixing a commercially released pop-song
  • Interpreting a musical score and inputting MIDI data accurately
  • Mixing in Ableton LIVE incl. panning, automation, gain staging and more 
  • Export and archive operations
  • Writing reflectively

Lesson Schedule

  • Familiarity with DAW Ableton LIVE
  • Key terminology, functions and operation
  • Applying the basics of Ableton LIVE
  • Students begin work on a loop based composition
  • Essential audio editing operations
  • Students remix a commercially released pop song
  • Interpreting a score and inputting notes
  • Embedded musical fundamentals incl. pitch, rhythm and form
  • Composing a melody over an existing arrangement
  • Timbre, note choice and related concepts
  • Essential details re mixing in Ableton LIVE
  • Functions of various track types incl. auxiliary and master fader
  • Basic digital audio theory
  • Differences between digital audio file types
  • Common methods for archiving DAW projects
  • Students post examples of their work
  • Feedback provided is to be incorporated into final submission
  • Reflective writing overview


Supplied Resources
  • Novation LaunchKEY 25
  • Ableton LIVE Lite
  • Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro studio headphones
Required Resources
  • Recent model computer able to run Ableton LIVE
  • High-speed internet connection
  • Word processing software such as Microsoft Word or similar


More about our Short Courses

Short courses are a great way to study a topic of interest without having the long term commitment. A lot of students start with a short course and then move into a full qualification after completing the short course.

How long do I have to finish?

You have a maximum of 6 months to complete your short course. It is possible to finish your course a lot sooner though.